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Method Master is the quick and easy way to draw and print methods in lots of different formats. It can also highlight the musical bits and extract false course heads.
Click here for some samples
Method Master costs just £20 including postage and packing. (Add on £1-50 for orders outside the UK.) To get a copy simply fill in the order form and then print it out and post it to me along with a cheque for the appropriate amount.
Click here for an order form
The latest version of Method Master is 3.3b. It can show up to 5 methods on screen at once, display bobs and singles, and handle up to 16 bells. It also has a personal method library to store your own selection of methods, can search for similar methods and generate new ones, and can find inter-method falseness.

This latest version is also fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Click here to see more about the latest version.

Existing users of Method Master can get an upgrade for just £10 including postage and packing. (Add on £1-50 for orders outside the UK.)
Click here for an upgrade order form

Method Master comes with a library of over 19,000 methods. But if you want the very latest, updates are available on the web. This is thanks to the Central Council who allow me to use their method collections.
Click here for the latest library